Department Introduction

The Faculty of Science was reorganized in April 2020 from four-departments to five-programs. The five programs are Mathematics and Informatics, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science that belong to the Department of Science.

Course List

General Course

This course provides general and basic knowledge in science as well as the knowledge and skills in the specialized fields.

  • Gradual learning of the specialized knowledge
  • Career paths leading to industries, public sector, and teachings at schools
  • Promotion/selection to graduate school at Kagoshima University or other universities

Science Education Project Course

In addition to general course, advanced research environment opportunities are provided to students to develop their skills.

  • Smooth promotion to the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kagoshima University
  • Can avail advanced leaning of the subjects taught at the graduate school while in their fourth year
  • In addition to the above, can avail the opportunities of overseas trainings and research internship etc. at the graduate school