Grant Application of Certificate

How to apply for various certificates

  • Please apply (1) at the counter or (2) by mail.
  • Only the graduates of the Faculty of Science can apply. Transcripts, degrees/diplomas are issued upon application. Applicants who wish to obtain transcripts, degrees/diplomas of their graduate course are advised to visit HP of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering for the application method for the desired certificate.
  • Application by telephone, facsimile or e-mail is not accepted and certificates are not issued on the day of application, so please apply a few days in advance.
  • Certificates can be obtained two working days after the day of application (Certificates applied for by mail are dispatched two working days after the day the application documents arrived).
  • Please note that it may take nearly 10 days to issue certificates including Certificate of Credit Acquisition in English.
  • We do not send certificates to overseas addresses. If you live outside Japan, please obtain your certificate through your representative that resides in Japan by the time of application. (If you do not have one in Japan, please notify us.)
  • Issuance fee is unnecessary.
(1) Application at the counter

・Fill in and submit an application form at the Student Affairs Section, Faculty of Science.
・Please show your personal identification document (e.g., driver’s license) when you receive the certificate.
・ You may apply for and receive a certificate through a representative. If so, please show us the copies of the personal identification documents (e.g., driver’s license) of the applicant and the representative.

(2) Application by mail

・A filled-in application form or a document on which necessary information is provided (Item 1 to 7 as shown below).
・Return envelope (self-addressed and stamped)
・A copy of personal identification document (e.g., driver’s license)

Application for the issuance of various certificates

Download and view PDF

Necessary information

1.Department you graduated from
2.Year of graduation (Japanese calendar year)
3.Name (maiden name)
※Also in alphabet if you request a certificate in English.
4.Date of birth
5.Purpose of use
6.Contact information (address and phone number)
7.Type of certificate and number of necessary copies
※When applying for a Certificate relating to Academic Ability, please specify the type of teacher’s license (junior high school or senior high school), subject (mathematics, science or information) and the governing law (new, between 1989 and 1997, or before 1988)


Type of certificate Envelope size Number of copies Stamps In case of express mail
Certificate of Graduation 120 × 235mm envelope 1〜3 copies
4〜7 copies
Add JPY290  to the amount shown in the left.

Certified Academic Record

Certificate relating to Academic Ability

240×332mm envelope 1〜2 copies
3〜6 copies
Add JPY290  to the amount shown in the left.


(Note) <Certificate relating to Academic Ability for Teacher’s License>

・Certificate relating to Academic Ability for Teacher’s License will be issued to either individuals who have obtained necessary qualification to apply for a license or individuals who must confirm the number of credits they obtained to apply for a license.
・ Certificates relating to Academic Ability are formulated according to the Teacher’s License Law in effect when the applicant was enrolled–Teacher’s License Law before 1988 or Law revised in 1988–or according to New Law revised in 1998. Please confirm in advance with the entity you will submit the certificate to about which type is necessary.


(Reference) Year and eligible individuals under the Revised Teacher’s License Act

Statute Eligible individuals
Law before 1988 Students enrolled before 1989
Law revised in 1988 Students enrolled during 1990~1998
New law revised in 1998 Students enrolled after 1999

■Please send your application to
Student Affairs, Graduate School of Science and Engineering Kagoshima University
Korimoto 1-21-35, Kagoshima 890-0065, Japan.
TEL 099-285-8025
FAX 099-285-8029

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